We have dipped our toes into the overwhelming amount of great onsen in Aso before and now we are back for more. 4 more recommended onsen that anyone with a passion for hot springs shouldn’t miss!

And if you missed the previous post of recommended onsen, check it out right here!

With that said, let’s get right into it!

No. 1 – Steam everywhere! An otherwordly onsen town!

A very typical scene when visiting an onsen is the steam rising near the ryokan (Japanese traditional inn). This and the distinct smell of onsen is the sign that you have arrived and can let your excitement run free!

In the area known as Waita Onsen, there is an unreal amount of steam rising from all over town!
This mystical scenery is quite unique, and you can even see pools of boiling water as you walk around town.

There are many onsens here, all with their unique traits, but another thing that you definitely should experience if you visit is this!

Steamed food prepared by utilizing the steam from the onsen!
Of course, one of the main events when staying at a ryokan is the dinner, but make sure to try out any of the steaming spots around town where you can prepare your own steamed food!

Waita onsen also puts effort into being environment-friendly by utilizing steam to create energy for heating houses and such!

Waita Onsen is truly one of Aso’s hidden treasures! If you want a special and unforgettable experience make sure to pay Waita Onsen a visit!

Waita Onsen Association Office
Address: 2816 Nishizato, Oguni, Aso District, Kumamoto 869-2504
Telephone: 0967-48-5277

No. 2 – Atmospheric perfection available to everyone!

Located right in the middle of Aso’s beautiful nature is Yamanami, a traditional building, with over a 100-year long history, which has been renovated into a ryokan.
The area is so quiet and calm that you can hear the murmuring of the small stream right next to Yamanami.

One of the reasons that I want you to visit Yamanami is this!

This amazing bath!
And what is even more impressive is the fact that the owner has built it all by himself!
Blend together and become one with nature as you relax in this supreme onsen.

There are many baths here and they all have their own original taste and atmosphere!

There are also Kazoku-buro (family baths) that can be privately rented by small groups. Not only for families!
The baths are available for non-staying guests as well, so there is nothing holding you back from enjoying this awesome spot.

Oku-Aso no Yado, Yamanami
Address: 254-3 Tajiri, Ubuyama, Aso District, Kumamoto
Telephone: 0967-25-2414
Website: http://www.aso-yamanami.com/eng/
Open hours for non-staying guests: 10:30 – 21:00
Fee: 500 yen for shared bath, 2000 yen/h for private bath

No. 3 – Panorama scenery right from the onsen!

The beautiful open view of the vast meadows makes Se no Moto Kougen into a popular spot in Aso. Here you can find Se no Moto Kougen Hotel.

The clean and neat design of the hotel is very nice but the biggest lure is without a doubt the location! The hotel, with its elevated location, gives you a stellar view of the surrounding scenery!

Just have a look at the view you can enjoy while soaking in the bath! You can even see the five beautiful peaks of Mt. Aso towering proudly in the distance.

Or, how about enjoying a perfect starry sky while relaxing in the open-air bath?

The baths here are also available to non-staying guests so feel free to drop by while driving through Aso and enjoy this awesome onsen. If you have the onsen-hopping pass from Kurokawa Onsen, you can use it here as well!

Se no Moto Kougen Hotel
Address: 5621-7 Manganji, Minamioguni, Aso District, Kumamoto
Telephone: 0967-44-0121
Website: https://hotel.senomoto.com/ (Only in Japanese)
Open hours for non-staying guests: 8:30 – 20:00
Fee: Adults 600 yen, Children 300 yen (3 – 13 years old)

No. 4 – The best onsen to enjoy the five peaks of Mt. Aso

This huge parking lot is part of the huge grounds belonging to Kyūka Mura Minami Aso in Takamori Town.

Pass through the simple and uncomplicated lobby and you will arrive at…

…a splendid sight of Aso Gogaku, the five peaks of Aso, soaring towards the sky right before your eyes!
There are few onsens where you can enjoy such a close and undisturbed view of Aso Gogaku.
On clear days when the volcano is awake and active, you can see a pillar of smoke rising towards the heavens as you let your body get enveloped by the hot spring water.

Nearby, you can also find popular spots such as Kamishikimi Kumano Imasu Shrine and restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine Dengaku. The bath here is only for staying guests, but the location makes Kyūka Mura Minami Aso to a perfect place for exploring the south side of the Aso caldera, so I can strongly recommend a stay!

Kyūka Mura Minami Aso
Address: 3219 Takamori, Aso District, Kumamoto
Telephone: 0967-62-2111
Website: https://www.qkamura.or.jp/en/aso/

So, there you have it, another four recommended spots to enjoy the blessing of the volcano, the plentiful onsen culture of Aso.
These are just a few of my favorites, so make sure to go out and find your own favorite onsen in Aso!
Safe travels!