Unkai -Sea of Clouds-


Realtime Unkai (Sea of Clouds) Camera pre-distribution is viewable!


“The sea of clouds” is the beautiful scenery, which we can see only at special weather condition.

The upper surface of the cloud looks like fantastic white sea. You will have breathtaking experience there.


Occurrence condition of “Sea of Clouds”

“Sea of Clouds” occurs only at limited weather condition.

Firstly, the radiant cooling lowers the temperature near the surface of the ground, the water vapor in the air condenses and fog occurs. And it is also important to have various conditions such as the topography of the basin where fog tends to accumulate and the weak wind, and the high humidity from the previous day and the rapid decrease of temperature

Check Point

1. Abrupt temperature change between day time and night time
2. Moderate moisture (humidity)
3. Gentle atmosphere without wind


“Sea of Clouds” in ASO

In ASO, great calderas area, it has a basin terrain that is easy to accumulate ideal fog for the occurrence of  “Sea of Clouds”, and is known as a representative “Sea of Clouds” spot in Japan.

The reason for popularity is that it is possible to see “Sea of Clouds” from a drive route, a resting place, etc., from the ease of being able to see the scenery as soon as you get off the car. ASO Gogaku is located at the end of the clouds. Many people visit the ASO area early in the morning to see the scenery that nature creates.


Real-time Camera for checking “Sea of Clouds” condition

You can check the climate for “Sea of Clouds” before you go driving.

Now, the camera is located at Aspecta, in Minami-ASO (Southern area).

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