The Aso area is all about the onsen, nature, activities, and mouth-watering delicacies! But sometimes you want to bring something back with you home, maybe to enjoy as you recall your trip, or to share with family and friends. So to help you choose between all the good stuff available, we have asked the seven cities, towns, and villages in Aso for their recommendations!

Aso City

The one place that can’t be missed when it comes to souvenirs in Aso City is Aso’s Roadside station (Michi no Eki) right next to JR Aso station. At this popular spot, you can find everything from locally grown fresh vegetables to original souvenirs from the area.

What we want to recommend here is…

Hibari Koubou’s ham & sausages!
They are made from carefully selected pork of the best quality produced together with Aso’s healthy natural spring water.
This product has even gotten first prize at the German meat processing contest “SUFFA” making it recognized world-wide.

<Michi no Eki (Roadside Station) Aso>
Address: Kumamoto, Aso, Kurokawa 1440-1
Telephone: 0967-35-5088
Open hours: 09:00 – 18:00
Fixed holidays: None

Oguni Town

This huge mirror-like structure reflecting the surrounding area is Oguni Town’s roadside station, Yu Station. To the big surprise of many, this is actually a wooden building!

What we want you to bring home from here is…

Hand-made Ghee!
So, some of you might think, “what in the world is Ghee”???
Well! Ghee is a form of clarified butter made from milk that originally originated in ancient India. Lately, Ghee has gotten a lot of attention thanks to its oxidation-suppressing properties and a high amount of quality nutrition. This Ghee is, of course, made using the pride of Oguni, the unbelievably tasty, Oguni Jersey Milk! Perfect to use as butter for toast, cooking or when baking!

<Oguni Yu Station>
Address: Kumamoto, Aso, Oguni, Ooaza, Miyahara 1754-17
Telephone: 0967-46-4111
Open hours: 08:30 – 18:00
Fixed holidays: None





Takamori Town

As you keep going through the winding mountain roads of Aso and Takamori Town, suddenly the landscape opens up and you are greeted by Oku-Aso Bussan-kan.
At this popular place for a break, while driving, you can buy regional products and souvenirs from Takamori Town.

And speaking of Takamori, this is the unrivaled recommendation!
Yamamura Brewery’s “Reizan”. This top-quality Japanese Sake is made from local rice and, I can’t say it too many times, the healthy crystal-clear water of Aso. Can you imagine a better way to recall the memories of your trip than while sipping at this masterpiece?

<Oku-Aso, Bussan-kan>
Address: Kumamoto, Aso, Takamori, Kusabe 1170-2
Telephone: 0967-64-0134
Open hours: 07:00 – 18:00
Fixed holidays: None
Website: (Only in Japanese)

Ubuyama Village

To hunt for souvenirs in Ubuyama, we head to Ubuyama Bokujo (farm).
This place is about a lot more than shopping such as interacting with animals and eating delicious ice cream, a perfect visit for the traveling family.

Speaking of Ubuyama Bokujo, most think of excellent sausages and ham but lately, there is another contender that is rising in popularity.

Yaki(roasted) Almond!
This roasted sweetheart is made at the cafe DABERIBA and is a new addition to Ubuyama’s lineup of souvenirs!
It can be found in standard flavors such as cinnamon or caramel but also more rare once such as black pepper and chili pepper.
Bring them home if you can, I managed to finish them all in the car on the way home!

Address: Kumamoto, Aso, Ubuyama, Yamaga 2100-3
Telephone: 0967-25-2900
Open hours: 10:00 – 16:00
Fixed holidays: None
Website: (Only in Japanese)

Minami Aso Village

Hand-made Soba experience, outdoor shopping, restaurants where you can enjoy Aka-ushi beef, there are many ways to spend a good time at Minami Aso’s Roadside Station, Asobo-no-Sato Kugino.

Speaking of Aka-ushi beef, here we would like to recommend, Minami Aso Aka-ushi Spicy Keema Curry!
This easily prepared package carries all the umami flavors of the Aka-ushi beef, and what’s even better is that it is totally gluten-free!

Address: Kumamoto, Aso, Minamiaso, Hisaishi 2807
Telephone: 0967-67-3010
Open hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Fixed holidays: None

Nishihara Village

Lastly, we arrive at Tawarayama Kouryu-kan Moe-no-Sato in Nishihara. Here you can find locally sourced vegetables, regional specific products and much more.
As the starting point for Mt. Tawarayama’s hiking route, this place is at its peak in the autumn when the cosmos flower blooms!

This one has a short expiration date and might be hard to bring with you home, but the Rakkasei(Peanut) Tofu is exquisite enough to be recommended anyways! Actually, Nishihara with its volcanic soil and sloped landscapes that provide good drainage is perfect for growing peanuts. This extremely popular peanut tofu is so popular that it more or less sells out at once, so make sure to get there early and secure yourself a mind-blowing tofu experience!

Address: Kumamoto, Aso, Nishihara, Komori 2115-3
Telephone: 096-292-2211
Open hours: 09:30 – 17:30
Fixed holidays: 12/31 – 1/3
Website: (Only in Japanese)

There you go, a slight nudge in the right direction when choosing the perfect souvenir for your trip! All the areas of Aso have a lot more to offer so don’t hesitate to explore all the innovative products that the locals of Aso create through their passion.
Have a great trip and remember to share some of the good stuff with friends and family once you get home!