Aso, a wonderful world of fresh fruits!

Aso with its abundant nature is also known as a paradise of fruits.
Aso’s plentiful and clean water, clearly distinguished seasons and temperature differences between night and day are some of the reasons that flavorful and sweet fruits grow in abundance.

Depending on the season many different fruits that can be harvested but let’s start by mentioning some of the most prominent ones.
From December to Maj we have strawberries, from August to the middle of October we have grapes and from the end of August to the end of October there are tasty apples to enjoy.

So, where should you go to savor the fruits of the season when you visit Aso? Keep reading and we will provide the answers!

Let’s use Aso Station as our starting point and set out heading east!

After walking straight ahead for about 15 minutes, only a few minutes if you go by car, you will find this red sign with the text “COUPLES” on it. This will be your indication to turn right!

When you see a sign on your left-hand side with a pink illustrated ice cream you will know that you have arrived. Welcome to Couples’ Fruit Country!

Once inside Couples, you can enjoy samples of newly picked fruit or even buy homemade apple pie and jam to bring with you home.
When we visited we got to try out apple and grapes. The apple had a refreshing light sweetness while the grape had a deep and flavorful sweetness.

And if you visit Couples, then you shouldn’t miss this one for the world! Their ice cream made from whole frozen strawberries is extremely popular and for good reason. The natural taste and slight texture of true strawberries combined with ice cream made from Oguni Jersey milk will make anyone gasp from satisfaction!

And the nice and warmhearted Mr. Nakayama, who runs Couples with his brother, is happy to let smaller guests experience how to make their own ice cream!

With that said, let’s take a look at the fruit picking experiences offered at Couples.

Clusters of round mouth-watering grapes drooping down!
What we have here is the Kyoho Grape, a variety of grape which is native to Japan and known for its big size and a high degree of sugar content.

Pick to your heart’s content and bring your harvest home at the price of 1250 yen for 1 kg.

Couples is proud to present about 200 trees that bear fruit to ripe and tasty apples ready to be picked!

And on the apples, you can even find Kumamoto’s beloved mascot, Kumamon!

After you have harvested all the apples you want, you can bring them home with you at the prize of 700 yen for 1 kg of apples.

Last but definitely not least! Strawberry picking is probably the most popular fruit picking experience in Aso.

You are free to enter the greenhouses where the strawberries are grown and relish in a wonderful all-you-can-eat strawberry course! Many people travel to Aso for a chance at stuffing themselves with these luscious red berries.

Here you can find and try out many different varieties of strawberries which is another reason for the overwhelming popularity.

The price varies depending on period and ripeness so it might be a good idea to call beforehand and confirm the current conditions. There is a limit to the number of ripe strawberries each day so we recommend to head there as early in the morning as possible!
※No reservation required.

Are you visiting Aso in June or July and feeling a bit sad that there seems to be a gap during these two months? Don’t worry, in June there is cherry fruit and in July there are tomatoes!

Throughout the entire year, Couples offer fruits for you to experience at the peak of their freshness. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to savor Aso’s seasonal flavors at Couples’ Fruit Country!

Couples’ Fruit Country
Nishimachi, Aso, Kumamoto 1003-3
Telephone: 0967-34-0100
Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00
(Strawberries only: Monday – Saturday 10:30 – 16:30, Sunday and holidays 9:00 – 17:00)
※ All fruits